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Tech Sisters coding dojo - Bigbank AS
T 14. november @ 18:00 - 20:00
Bigbank AS
Tartu maantee 18, Kesklinn
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Tech Sisters coding dojo

Calling all code-curious to Bigbank for an evening of coding dojo (comes with snacks and conversation)!

A Coding Dojo is a programming session based around a simple coding challenge. Developers of different skill levels (and also brave non-developers smile) are welcome to work together and find the best solution to this challenge, always in a collaborative way!
Our main goal is to use a development technique (TDD, design patterns, refactoring, …) to solve a simple problem (Fizzbuzz, BMI calculator, …). And believe me! It is more challenging than it seems at the first glance :)!

So, bring your laptop with your favorite coding environment installed and let’s get together on November 14th at Bigbank to stretch your code muscles using Test Driven Development!

The seats are limited, so please make sure you register on Eventbrite to make sure you are accounted for :)